It’s time to get robots right

At Rapid Robotics, we’re building easy and affordable manufacturing solutions starting with the world's first affordable robotic machine operator

An injection molding machine

We understand the problems manufacturers are facing today

You want to grow, scale and thrive

But America’s machine operator shortage is holding you back. You can do the work. You can win the business. You just need a way to operate your machines.

That's why we created the Rapid Machine Operator

A low-cost robot that gets to work on day one

Jordan Kretchmer ( CEO of Rapid Robotics) Leaning with his left hand on the right side of a  workcell of an RMO and wearing a blue button down shirt with gray jeans. Lawrence Ruddick ( CTO of Rapid Robotics) is standing on the right side of the RMO with his right hand leaning on the workcell wearing a gray plain shirt and blue Jeans.
5 people are surrounding a man demonstrating and explaining how the Rapid Machine Operator works. The explainer has his right hand wrapped around the buttons that are attached on a workcell and his left hand pointing onto a button and explaining the function of the button.

Making robotic automation affordable and accessible

Conventional robots are too expensive

They’re pricey to begin with, and integration and training make them even more so. For most facilities, the ROI just isn’t there.

The Rapid Machine Operator is different

A red and black robotic arm with the Rapid robotics logo on the spine of the robot.

It’s an all-in-one solution: no up-front capital costs, no systems integrators, programming or AI training

Everything comes included for an affordable monthly subscription. We handle setup and ongoing maintenance, so you can focus on winning customers and growing your business.

An American flag waving on the right side of a pole with cloudy skies in the background.

We have teams ready to help throughout the US

Including the Bay Area, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Boston, Southern California, and Texas, with more regions to come.

Backed by leading global investors

  • Tiger global
  • Kleiner perkins
  • Nea
  • Greycroft
  • Bee partners
  • 468 capital
  • Draft ventures

Help us transform manufacturing one machine at a time. Come work with Rapid Robotics

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