It’s time to get robots right

At Rapid Robotics, we’re building easy, fast and affordable case palletizing solutions to solve the biggest challenges facing manufacturing and logistics operators.

A collage of images showing robots and people working together.
A diverse group of people work in a disorganized warehouse, performing various tasks from driving a forklift to labeling and preparing boxes for shipping.

We understand the problems you face

You want to grow, scale and thrive

But America’s labor shortage is holding you back. You can do the work. You can win the business. But you need a reliable way to palletize and de-palletize goods and materials or your business grinds to a halt.

That's why we created Rapid's palletizing solution

A zero-risk robotic case palletizing workcell that deploys fast, and delivers results on day one

A red industrial robot arm in a fenced workcell. The arm is ready to pick from an infeed belt in front of it, and place a box on a wooden pallet on the right side of the image.

We're making robotics accessible and affordable

A storage area filled with functional, but decommissioned robot arms.

Conventional robotic automation is too expensive

Hardware, integration and training cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and take years to pay off.

Too risky

Purchased robots are programmed for one task. If needs change, traditional robots can't help.

& too complex

Programming & maintaining robots requires expertise that is in short supply.

The Rapid Robotics solution is different

Our new industrial RMO

It’s an all-in-one solution: no systems integrators & no expertise needed

Everything comes included, with flexible pricing that fits your business. We handle setup and ongoing maintenance, so you & your team can focus on winning customers and growing your business.

A white man in glasses and a high visibility work coat works on a Universal Robots cobot with a laptop.

Your engineering team's secret weapon

We have teams across the US, ready to deploy robotic automation in days, and collaborate with your engineering team to supercharge your operations.

Backed by leading global investors

  • Tiger global
  • Kleiner perkins
  • Nea
  • Greycroft
  • Bee partners
  • 468 capital
  • Draft ventures

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