9 Reasons You Shouldn't Automate Palletizing (and Why They're Wrong)

Still on the fence about investing in robotic palletization? Here are the 9 most common objections to automation, why they're wrong and how you can get started fast, without risk.

August 28th, 2023 5 min read

What’s the biggest risk in automation? Doing nothing. 

Are you hesitant to invest in robotic automation? That’s understandable. Even as the economic outlook improves, most business leaders are concerned about key factors, including shipping rates, fuel prices, and the cost of raw materials. Some have had bad experiences with robotics in the past. Others aren’t sure how to get started and don’t want to make the wrong decision. With all of these factors taken together, it can feel too risky to take the leap into robotics.

But doing nothing is an even bigger risk to your business. Here are the 9 most common objections we hear to automating, and why they're wrong.

Whatever pain points led you to consider robotic automation   ̶ managing labor shortages, reducing costs, ensuring worker safety, improving productivity, meeting contract deadlines, reducing customer complaints, etc.   ̶ are likely to fester. Labor shortages, for example, are projected to get much worse. 

If any of the following concerns are holding you back, here are 9 reasons you should get started with Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) now.

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1. I can’t afford robots

With RaaS, there’s minimal upfront capital investment. You pay the same monthly subscription fee with this low-risk automation option. The fee covers the cost of designing, programming, deploying, servicing and maintaining the robot. There are no surprises and no hidden costs. 

2. Payback for robots takes too long

RaaS eliminates long installation delays and high upfront CapEx costs. RaaS providers like Rapid Robotics can deploy a robotic palletizing workcell at an affordable monthly cost just weeks after your consultation. Because the capital cost is extremely low, and the positive impacts of automating palletizing affect your entire business, the return on your investment is virtually immediate!

3. I want to grow my business, but robots can’t be deployed at scale

The RaaS model is built on speed to deployment. In fact, Rapid’s palletizing workcells can be deployed in just weeks. Because they are quickly configurable and specialized, deployment can easily scale from 2 to 20 to 200 robots!

4. How do I know I’ll get my money’s worth?

RaaS providers offer performance guarantees that eliminate risk, and ensure your robots will perform as expected. If the robot doesn’t work as promised, you pay nothing. 

Furthermore, Rapid Robotics specialized in palletizing automation because years of experience show that automating that task has outsized impacts on operational efficiency. Adding a single robot to palletizing reduces labor, handling and workers comp costs, improves shipping efficiency and productivity, and even contributes to improved employee retention. 

5. Robots take too long to install. I can’t afford to slow down or stop outbound shipments while an integrator builds and tests the work cell.

RaaS providers don’t get paid unless the robot is working. As a result, they move fast and deliver robots that start working on day 1. Rapid designs, programs and tests the solution at our facility in a couple of weeks, so that deployment on your site can be complete in as little as 4-6 hours.

6. I don’t have robot engineers on staff. Our business can’t afford extended downtime if a robot breaks 

RaaS providers are incentivized to keep your robot up and running. Rapid Robotics monitors its robots remotely to make sure equipment is running at optimal performance. Support is available 24/7 for greater peace of mind. Should an onsite repair be necessary, Rapid engineers can be on site within 48 hours, and they typically resolve the issue within one work shift.

Even better, RaaS contracts with providers like Rapid include always-on software updates, all scheduled maintenance, and parts and labor at no additional cost. Your subscription comes with everything needed to ensure your robots will continue operating at peak performance.

7. I’ve got an automation team on staff. I can just buy robots and deploy them myself for even less.

That’s generally true, and depending on your goals, the DIY approach may be the right one. For businesses with automation expertise in house, hiring a RaaS provider means giving your automation team the ability to work faster, to deploy at scale, and focus on areas where their time is best spent.

Imagine, for example, what complex automation challenges your staff can focus on solving while Rapid works on automating palletizing? We’ll free up your operators and your automation team for more value-added work, quickly boost operational efficiency across the board, and unlock profitability you can invest back into the business.

8. What if my needs change, or customer orders require new box sizes or pallet patterns?

Traditional robots are programmed to do one thing, and do it very well. But if your needs change, they can be costly and time consuming to reprogram and redeploy. With RaaS, you can avoid that risk. If your needs at the end of the line change, Rapid offers support for quickly adding or changing SKUs or pallet patterns to meet your evolving needs.

9. I don’t have time to think about automation. 

With the right RaaS provider, you get more than a robot. You get a partner. Our engineers will consult with your operations team to understand your business needs. Together, they’ll craft a solution that fits your business and delivers the results you need. You and your team can focus on more complex assignments while we handle the palletizer deployments and maintenance.

Don’t wait. Contact Rapid Robotics now to set up a free consultation to discuss your automation needs.

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