VIDEO: The State of the Industry - Get Real About Automation Session 1

American manufacturing is in crisis. Join Rapid Robotics' CMO Kim Losey, The Automation Ladies' Nikki Gonzales, Alex Shikany from A3, and Jeff Puma of the Manufacturing Leadership Council at NAM for a frank discussion about what recent research reveals about the significant challenges faced by these industries, why modern automation methods are uniquely suited to solving them, and why solutions MUST be implemented now.

February 25th, 2023 2 min read

On February 25, 2023, Kim Losey, CMO of Rapid Robotics, hosted a live panel at Rapid Robotics HQ as part of our first ever Get Real About Automation event. A panel of industry leaders discussed the state of today's automation. The session featured:

These subject matter experts addressed the US manufacturing labor shortage and why modern automation methods are uniquely suited to solving them. Watch the session recording and continue reading for highlights.

Manufacturers can't fill their manufacturing jobs 

Despite a recent surge of consumer demand for US-produced goods, manufacturers are falling behind due to a workforce deficit of more than 800,000 open positions. 

“The labor crisis is getting so bad and getting worse, which is what makes [automation] so important today.” - Jordan Kretchmer, CEO of Rapid Robotics.

Cobots relieve skilled operators from repetitive, boring tasks.

It’s a myth that machines displace workers. Rather, workers migrate to higher-level jobs, while robots perform perfunctory tasks, enabling companies to accept additional capacity projects that most manufacturers have to refuse because they’re at capacity.

“Robots aren't the enemy…They're tools. They're 21st century tools.” - Nikki Gonzales

Give workers high-level tasks 

Incentivize workers with higher-level, exciting and better-paying work. You’ll attract employees who improve your reputation, helping you attract, recruit and retain the best workforce. No more missed opportunities!

“[Workers] are going to stick around more. They're going to tell people in their community that it's a better job … [Automation] is really a growth enabler, rather than a replacement for labor cost.” - Nikki Gonzales

Start smart. Start now.

A3 statistics show that demand for US-produced robots dramatically ticked up recently with consumers ordering 44,000 robots alone last year. 

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