VIDEO: The Workforce of the Future - Get Real About Automation Session 2

Is there any merit to the narrative that robotic automation is destroying the American workforce? Are robots taking our jobs? Or does robotic adoption create new opportunities? Experts in the workforce space Andrew Crowe, Troy Nix and Steve Barsanti take a look at the real reasons the industrial workforce is evaporating, who is still participating, and why they stay. Then they will turn to the future, and discuss the potential of a combined human and robot workforce.

February 25th, 2023 2 min read

On February 25, 2023, Steve Barsanti, Director of Customer Operations at Rapid Robotics moderated a live panel at Rapid Robotics HQ as part of our first ever Get Real About Automation event. Steve and a pair of leading voice in manufacturing discussed how to attract manufacturing workers. The session featured:

These subject matter experts discussed the potential of a combined human and robot workforce. Watch the session recording and continue reading for highlights.

Labor shortage will worsen without automation

By 2030, around 2.1 million factory jobs could remain unfilled. Even as older workers are retiring at an accelerating rate, manufacturers struggle to attract younger workers. Without a resolution, this labor gap will cause American manufacturing to lose more than $1 trillion annually by 2030.

“If they could hire more operators, they absolutely would, but the reality is they can't. So automation is the answer.” - Andrew Crowe

Automation attracts younger workers

Millennials and Gen Z. seek work that is tech-centric. Adding robots does more than enhance productivity. It shows younger workers that manufacturing is an opportunity to work alongside today’s most exciting tech, not the dark, dirty, dangerous work they’ve been told it is.

“Once we [free] up people … to [use their] mind instead of [their] body all the time, then we can start looking at new positions that we can do. We… can take on more orders.” - Troy Nix

Promote happy & engaged workplace

Retain younger employees through an engaging, flexible work culture. Think about how automation can help you evolve your operations and culture. Practice diversity. Stimulate their talents. Involve them in your decision-making. Go out to them, instead of waiting for them to come to you.

“If they feel like they come first .. that's what makes people come back, not the paycheck.” - Troy Nix

Start smart. Start now.

“We’d better make our company sexier than anybody else in our local workforce or we're going to lose out, simple as that.” - Andrew Crowe 

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