WEBINAR: How to Hire a Manufacturing Robot in 5 Easy Steps

Avoid complexity, CapEx, and high lead times. Discover the 5 simple steps to getting a robot deployed in just a few weeks in this webinar from Rapid Robotics.

January 11th, 2023 1 min read

Want to overcome the complexity, high CapEx cost and long lead times preventing you from adding robotic automation to your factory floor? Watch this webinar to find out the 5 simple steps to getting a robot deployed in just a matter of weeks.

Steve Barsanti, Rapid Robotics’ VP of Customer Operations, explains all the heavy lifting that can be taken off your shoulders with Rapid’s approach. The steps are easy because you’ll be collaborating with automation experts who consider themselves to be an extension of your engineering team. 

Steps include a feasibility assessment where the Rapid Robotics team is onsite to walk through your plant and consult with your operations team. They’ll discuss your operational goals and processes and help you sanity check the best tasks for automation. Rapid takes care of virtually everything else.

This webinar explains the processes Rapid follows to ensure a successful automation installation, from robotic design, to prototyping and testing, to onsite deployment. You’ll learn about the top-notch support and service you’ll receive and why it exceeds most customer expectations.

What are you waiting for? Watch the webinar now to get started!

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