Rapid Robotics to Showcase Its Quick-to-Deploy End-of-Line Solutions at Automate 2023

The partnership-driven, robotic workforce solution company continues to expand its robotics-as-a-service solutions to help manufacturers of all sizes overcome labor challenges through accessible, low-risk robotic automation.

May 3rd, 2023 4 min read

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 3, 2023 – Rapid Robotics, a robotic workforce solution provider, will showcase its Rapid Machine Operators’ (RMOs) end-of-line capabilities in booth #5620 at Automate 2023. The company, which implements a unique approach to the robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) business model, is simplifying and accelerating automation by offering low-cost, predictable monthly OpEx as well as turnkey programming and installation, total maintenance and repair coverage, and 24/7 support across a multitude of industries.

“Manufacturers and warehouses of all sizes must focus on automating simple tasks first if they want to overcome worsening labor challenges and remain competitive,” said Jordan Kretchmer, CEO of Rapid Robotics. “Operations like box building, case packing and palletizing are needed in every factory, so we’re excited to offer a solution that allows businesses to automate those end-of-line tasks in just a few weeks, for a predictable monthly cost that is less than what they’ve come to expect from traditional automation.

Two workers in hoodies near a UR5 cobot on an Onrobot 7th axis palletizing medium-sized boxes coming off a roller belt.


Warehouse work is the fifth most dangerous job in the US, with overexertion and heavy materials being leading causes of injury and death. Manual palletizing presents both of those dangers, risking worker health as well as millions of dollars a year for businesses. Rapid Robotics is helping factories tackle dangerous palletizing tasks with robotic automation – Automate attendees can see a UR10e on a Robotiq palletizing system, integrated with Rapid Robotics’ software stack, palletizing boxes at booth #5620. By utilizing robotic automation for palletizing operations and redeploying manual handling, manufacturers save costs, reduce the risk of injury and increase efficiency.

Box Building

One of the three solutions that Rapid Robotics will showcase at Automate is box building. When completed manually by human labor, box building is a tedious, low or no margin task that can lead to repetitive strain injuries and slow operations. By implementing box building automation, manufacturers can accelerate the entire end-of-line process and boost their profit margins. In the Rapid Robotics booth, attendees can see a fully integrated, pre-trained UR5e at a custom low-footprint case erector, folding and taping boxes.


No matter what a facility produces, whether it be medical devices or car parts, the product will eventually need to be loaded into shipping cartons. But manual packing can often result in operational bottlenecks, mistakes and short shipments. Implementing robotic automation for packing operations speeds up the process, eliminates human error, and keeps end-of-line operations moving without worry – another Rapid Robotics solution that attendees can see performed by a UR5e cobot at the Universal Robots booth, #3623. Rapid Robotics is a UR+ partner, and has integrated the entire Universal Robots cobot line into their deployment portfolio.

The excitement doesn’t stop there – demonstrations aren’t the only place you’ll find Rapid Robotics during Automate 2023:

  •  Attendees can explore an interactive kiosk at Rapid Robotics’ partner Yaskawa Motoman’s booth, #3223. The experience takes users through dozens of applications that can be deployed in weeks with Yaskawa industrial arms that are integrated with Rapid’s unique tech stack.

  •  On Tuesday, May 23, Rapid Robotics VP of Product Juan Aparicio will speak about how new innovations in software and 3D printing make robotic automation easier and more achievable for manufacturers of any scale.

Learn more about Rapid Robotics’ presence at Automate and secure a meeting with an expert here.


Rapid Robotics solves manufacturing labor shortages and helps manufacturers grow by making robotic automation easy and affordable. We deploy a turnkey robotic workforce for nearly any common machine operator tasks in a matter of weeks, for a low, predictable monthly operating cost. For an equivalent labor rate from $6-$16 per hour, Rapid Robotics takes care of everything, from programming and installation, to all-inclusive 24/7 remote monitoring, support, and maintenance for the lifetime of the deployment. Rapid eliminates the cost and complexity of robotic automation so that manufacturers can focus on growing their business, not maintaining a robot.

Rapid Robotics’ founding team combines robotics and manufacturing expertise with a SaaS business model to deliver affordable solutions to real-world industry problems. Investors include Tiger Global, Kleiner Perkins, NEA, Greycroft, Bee Partners and 468 Capital. Rapid Robotics is based in San Francisco, California.


Genevieve Ryley

G&S Business Communications


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