WEBINAR: Stop Planning & Start Producing - An Automation Blueprint from Growing Your Business

Every manufacturer has a plan for automation, but often those plans get delayed. How can you get started? Learn how you can automate as an incremental, bottom-up process, and get started now.

March 14th, 2023 2 min read

Want to jumpstart automation in your manufacturing facility? Check out this webinar. Rapid Robotics’ Steve Barsanti, VP of Customer Operations, and Mandy Dwight, VP of Business Alliances, explain how you can deploy robotics in just weeks at a low monthly cost with Robotics as a Service (RaaS). There’s no need for huge capital investment, and the payback is immediate.

You’ll understand the value of having robotics experts walk your factory to give you automation insights. For example, you’ll learn why it makes more sense to start automating repetitive, monotonous tasks like machine tending, inspection, and palletizing vs. tackling the most complex problems on your manufacturing floor.

Steve and Mandy explain why not all RaaS providers are alike and why you should consider a provider’s approach to automation. Great providers will design robotic solutions that will perform a given task and be deployed in weeks vs. months.

You’ll learn that the best providers take a consultative approach with the goal of establishing a long-term relationship. They’ll focus on the problems you’re trying to solve and serve as an extension of your team. Large enterprises can rely on the right RaaS provider to tackle easy tasks, freeing up their high-powered engineers to focus on difficult problems.

Watch the webinar now.  Learn how RaaS eliminates CapEx and can be deployed in just weeks to grow your business immediately!

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