Unlock Your Manufacturing Potential: New Capabilities are here for Rapid Customers

Are you tired of committing manual labor to operations with little to no revenue impact and high risk of injury? Then you’ve got to read about our new capabilities in palletizing and box building.  You can also get a sneak peak at our new modular RMO pedestal, designed for quick deployment and flexibility. Our partnership with Universal Robots expands the reach of our robotic workforce and offers even more options for automation. And for those looking to take production to the next level, check out our new industrial RMO solution featuring the Yaskwawa GP7 robot arm.

February 3rd, 2023 3 min read

A palletizing cobot


Palletizing is a crucial aspect of manufacturing and warehouse operations, but using human labor  is dangerous and expensive. With robotic palletizing, Rapid customers can replace manual handling with automation, saving costs, reducing the risk of injury, and increasing efficiency. Amazon showed that the use of collaborative robots can result in significant cost savings for massive-scale logistics operations, and now Rapid is making that same efficiency available to manufacturers and warehouses at every scale. Rapid customers can now streamline and reduce costs at end-of-line and in their warehouses. Contact us today to learn how our affordable palletizing solutions can benefit your business. 

Box Building

Box building is an essential part of many operations, but it can also be a pain. Let’s face it, manually building boxes is often a tedious, low/no margin task that can lead to repetitive strain injuries and slow down your entire process. But we’re here to change that! Box building automation, combined with robotic packing and palletizing, can accelerate the entire end-of-line and boost margins. Want to learn more? Contact us now.

A Sneak Peak At Our New Modular RMO Pedestal

Future RMO deployments will arrive on a newly designed modular pedestal. Arranged around a central pillar on which any of our currently integrated robots can be mounted are several attachment points for modular fixturing. These platforms can be quickly added, moved, or adjusted depending on the task for which the robot is being deployed. This modularity further reduces the RMO’s dependence on peripheral equipment, giving Rapid customers greater flexibility in part presentation, task design, and the footprint required for many implementations. In spite of being designed to be just as easy to redeploy as our original RMO base, the new pedestal is also sturdy enough that it will not move even with an industrial arm operating at full speed.

Universal Robots UR5e cobot arm with end of arm tooling

The RMO is Now Integrated With Universal Robots’ Entire Cobot Portfolio

At Rapid, our mission is to create a world without labor shortages. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Universal Robots - they share our vision and offer a comprehensive portfolio of high quality robots. This partnership expands the operations we can automate for our customers to include palletizing, box building, and other operations that need a longer reach or heavier payload. Universal Robots’ two week ship program  also ensures we can continue to deploy robotic workers at record-setting speeds, in larger numbers than ever before. 

Announcing an Industrial RMO Featuring Yaskawa Robot Arms

Get ready to take your production to the next level with a new industrial RMO integrated with the complete Yaskawa Motoman industrial robot arm lineup. We’ve teamed up with Yaskawa, who are leaders in industrial robot technology, to bring you a solution that combines our signature speed of deployment with the power and versatility of their industrial arms. This means more tasks can be automated, faster, with a heavier payload and longer reach. 

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