Why I Joined Rapid Robotics

As part of our celebration around being one of the BuiltIn's 2023 Best Places to Work in San Francisco, Rapid's Director of Talent Justine Ramos shares why she loves working here.

January 11th, 2023 2 min read

Early in my career, I discovered my passion for creating scalable recruiting practices for early-stage start-ups and designing programs that provide positive employee experiences. I joined Rapid Robotics to do just that, with the bonus of working on a talented team dedicated to solving labor shortages and helping manufacturers grow by making robotic automation easy and affordable.

Over the past year, it’s been rewarding to see the growth of the business and the scale of our team, and I am proud to work alongside a group that is passionate about transforming an industry. We are honored to be recognized by BuiltIn as a Best Place to Work in San Francisco. As we continue to grow, I want to highlight a few of the core values that make Rapid Robotics a great place to work:

  • Mutual Respect. Mutual respect is essential to a happy, healthy, productive workplace. We encourage our team to celebrate and honor wins and praise progress, milestones, and accomplishments during team meetings and public Slack channels.

  • Customer-centric decisions. We built our core technology to solve problems impacting the manufacturing industry - labor shortages and high costs to access traditional automation. As we continue developing our technology, our product and engineering teams remain focused on solving real problems impacting our customers and the manufacturing industry.

  • Innovate with purpose. We are creating the hybrid workforce of the future and helping our customers focus on growth. We're committed to positively impacting the manufacturing sector that makes up 15% of the US GDP (and growing). This is a strong motivator for our team and gives us a great sense of purpose. 

We’d love to hear if these values resonate with you or if you’re interested in helping manufacturers grow by making robotic automation easy and affordable. Please find us on LinkedIn and BuiltIn, or contact talent@rapidrobotics.com if you want to connect with us.


Justine Ramos, Rapid Robotics Director of Talent

Over the last decade, Justine has built and led talent and recruiting operations for technology companies in different stages of growth. Her passion is creating scalable recruiting practices and designing programs that provide positive employee and candidate experiences. She is a San Francisco native, enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors, hiking and camping.

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