We are a robotics automation company helping manufacturers thrive

Rapid created the first affordable AI-driven robotic machine operator to solve the industry’s oldest problem: scale



The Rapid Machine Operator (RMO) enables manufacturers to easily deploy a pre-trained robot fast- in hours/days not months. It performs dozens of simple machine tasks to the highest quality standards and can quickly be redeployed to new tasks. With Rapid’s robotic machine operators, one employee can supervise as many as eight machines at a time using only an iPad. 


This productivity boost enables US manufacturers to take on more projects, outbid foreign competitors and scale their business so they can promote human operators to more profitable and more rewarding jobs.



Proud to be a Bay Area robotics company


With decades of experience in contract manufacturing and robotics in the San Francisco Bay Area, our team knows how difficult it is to fill machine operator jobs.


Rapid Robotics was founded in San Francisco to help US businesses overcome the labor shortage in manufacturing so they can thrive and compete globally.


We are a full service AI-driven robotic solution for contract manufacturers across the country. We have teams located throughout the US, including the Bay area, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio with more regions to come!



Making robotic automation affordable and accessible


If manufacturers automated the highly repetitive machine tasks that demand 80% of their operations, they could truly compete with foreign powerhouses.


The problem is, the only existing robotic automation solutions need to be programmed by specialized systems integrators. Installing and training an industrial robotic arm is so expensive that it takes manufacturers years to see ROI.


That’s why we created a low cost cobot that gets to work on day one — no programming, no systems integrator, no extra hardware, no robotics skills required. Starting at just $25K a year, Rapid’s robotic machine operators pay for themselves in as little as three months.

Founded on deep robotics, manufacturing and SaaS expertise

Jordan Kretchmer, Co-founder and CEO

Jordan was previously the founder and CEO of Livefyre, which he founded in 2009 and sold to Adobe in 2016. Livefyre was the largest cloud-based content and community platform on the web for marketers and publishers. Jordan led the company through four capital raises totaling over $100M. At the time of the acquisition, Livefyre’s average deal size was $250K/yr. Enterprise customers included Coca-Cola, Disney, Kimberly Clark, CNN, FedEx, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sony, Chevrolet, Cisco and dozens of others. Jordan has over 20 years of experience as a product strategist, marketer and business leader with expertise in scaling enterprise software companies.

Ruddick Lawrence, Co-founder and CTO

Ruddick has spent his entire career working in robotics, hardware and manufacturing. Most recently he was the VP of Engineering at Carbon Robotics, where he led the entire engineering team. Prior to Carbon, Ruddick was in charge of the manufacturing software group for all new robotic end effectors for the da Vinci robot at Intuitive Surgical. The da Vinci robot is the most-used surgical robot in the world, capable of performing extremely precise medical procedures. Ruddick’s group wrote calibration and testing for over 30 instrument types representing tens of thousands of shipped products. Ruddick has a Master’s from Stanford in Mechanical Engineering, with a focus on mechatronics.

Tom Hummel, VP Technology

Tom previously spent three years as the Director of Robotics at Kindred. He was responsible for architecting both the robotic software and hardware systems and growing the cross-functional teams that delivered them. Tom has 12 years of robotics experience in both industry and academia, including founding his own startup, and developing high end robotic vision systems for space and defense. Tom holds a PhD in Systems Engineering from the University of Guelph in Canada.

Lisa Hu, VP Finance & Operations

Lisa joined Rapid Robotics in April 2021 as the company’s first VP of Finance and Operations. Lisa has established herself as a strategic partner and trusted advisor for driving growth and shareholder value having worked at several start-ups as CFO, Head of Finance, and VP of Finance & Operations. Her background also includes internal audit and consulting finance in private and publicly traded companies throughout her career. Lisa was CFO for ZypTV (formerly ZypMedia) which was acquired by Sinclair Broadcast Group where she was responsible for the acquisition due diligence, close, and integration with a non-US subsidiary. Previous companies include Skycatch, Sun Microsystems, Deloitte, Ford Motor Company, and KPMG.

Steve Barsanti, Director, Customer Operations

​​Steve has over a decade of experience working in Operations, Manufacturing and Deployment for various startups specializing in hardware and software in the Bay Area. Prior to Rapid, Steve worked at Carbon Robotics where he was responsible for manufacturing and supply chain, as well as customer deployments. At Skycatch, Steve oversaw manufacturing operations and the transition to two different contract manufacturers. Steve currently runs the Deployment team, managing operations and customer relationships, and ensuring automation is designed to meet customer expectations. Steve’s breadth of experience in operations and professional services is one that places the customer first.

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