Frequently asked questions

Do Rapid's robots need an Internet connection?

We recommend a hardwired Internet connection, but your robots can operate offline with full capabilities, thanks to our powerful edge computing technology. An Internet connection is required for updates and support monitoring.

In addition, if your robots are not continually connected to the internet, remote and on-site support response times will be significantly slowed, because the Rapid support team will not have access to critical data.

Do you need robotic expertise to operate the Rapid palletizing workcell?

Not at all. We will train your staff to operate our solution in less than a day.

Does installation cost extra?

Not a penny. Hardware, labor, programming, training and delivery are all included in the one-tie setup fee. Taxes, shipping, and any other incidental costs of delivery and installation are also included. The price we quote you, is the price you will pay, and we'll handle everything from start to finish.

How do you operate Rapid's robotic palletizer?

Our tablet-based app makes operation push-button simple. Human operators select from the pre-programmed SKUs using a simple visual interface, and press go. That's it.

How long does setup take?

We’re usually in and out of your facility in less than a day.

How many operators can I free up with Rapid's solution?

It depends on how you currently handle palletizing. We have customers who have been able to reassign as many as 15 worker to other tasks. Rapid's robotic palletizing solution is designed to operate with minimal human intervention. In most cases, one operator can manage exchanging empty pallets for full ones across multiple palletizing workcells.

Our Solutions team will help you develop the most efficient approach, so that you can maximize the impact of both your robots and your human staff.

What are the benefits of free AI & software updates?

Rapid's solution shows up smart and gets smarter over time. With our regular AI updates, your robots are constantly gaining incremental performance improvements and new capabilities. In addition, always-on software updates mean your robots stay working at peak capability—and security. Your monthly subscription stays the same, but your robotic palletizers become more capable over time.

Why doesn’t Rapid's solution need systems integration?

Because it’s purpose-built for the job. Traditional robotic palletizers need systems integrators to set them up as a custom implementation for every task. This adds significant cost & time to every implementation.

Rapid's palletizing workcell is specifically designed to be quickly configurable and easily deployable for any common palletizing task. It comes with software, a robotic arm and housing, all preintegrated and ready to work. This allows us to get a workcell up and running in hours, compared to the weeks or months traditional systems integrators need. When other solutions would still be on the drawing board, your palletizing robot is working away, helping you save money, be more profitable and win new business.

Why is Rapid's robotic palletizer so much more affordable than other solutions?

First, we eliminated the need for systems integration. With traditional robots, integration usually costs more than the hardware.

Second, we adopted a flexible Robotics as a Service (RaaS) pricing plan. This helps us keep costs down for our customers while offering best in class hardware, service, and support.

Third, we are a preferred partner for our hardware suppliers, meaning we get the best possible pricing on equipment, and priority delivery. This lets us keep hardware leadtimes to a minimum, and pass lower hardware costs on to our customers.

What does my subscription include?

The subscription covers software, remote support, and repairs & maintenance labor for the lifetime of the deployment. For RaaS Essentials customers, the subscription also covers any parts required for repairs, up to and including a new robot if the existing one cannot be repaired.

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