Why hire a robotic case palletizer?

Productivity, 24 hours a day

A red industrial robot arm in a fenced workcell. The arm is ready to pick from an infeed belt in front of it, and place a box on a wooden pallet on the right side of the image.

Did you know?

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    Of all goods in the US are shipped on a pallet.

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    Of US manufacturing & logistics businesses had to forgo 25% or more of their total revenue due to labor shortages in 2022.

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    The number of unfilled and unfillable light industrial jobs in the US by 2030.

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    What the labor shortage will cost the American industrial sectors annually by 2030.

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    Palletizing-related injuries are the most common sources of worker's comp claims.

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    In worker's comp claims paid to employees by US businesses as a result of palletizing related injuries.

Robots to the rescue

Reduce labor and per unit handling costs, injury rates, and the pressure of labor shortages with a solution that is less costly, less space intensive, and more versatile & adaptable than traditional palletizing automation.

A close up image of a Universal Robots cobot arm setting a cardboard box on a conveyor. There are shelves of palletized goods in the background.

Improved Productivity

Robots can lift heavier loads and operate 24/7, without getting tired or injured. Improve operational efficiency by up to 30%, and shift workers to more value-added tasks.

A Universal Robots cobot mounted on a vertical seventh axis picks a cardboard box from an offset fixture, to place on a pallet nearby.

Better Outcomes

Robots reliably pick and stack products exactly the same, every time. Eliminate handling errors that damage products, and improve the stability of pallets to avoid damage during shipping.

An engineer trains a Universal Robots cobot on a palletizing task.

Reduced Costs

Robotic palletizers are less costly and take up less space in your facility than traditional automated palletizers. With flexible Robotics-as-a-Service pricing from Rapid, they also cost less per hour to operate than average labor rates.

A woman uses a tablet interface to program a Yaskawa industrial arm.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Robotic palletizers can handle multiple SKUs and pallet patterns. They can also manage secondary tasks like slipsheet placement, or even serve multiple lines. It's easy to add or change SKUs and pallet patterns if operational needs change.

A worker lifts a large, heavy box over their head onto the top of a palletized stack.

Improved Workplace Safety

Palletizing-related injuries are the number one cause of workers' comp claims. Automating palletizing frees your workers up for less dangerous, more value-added tasks.

How we do it

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    Rapid Speed

    An entire robotic fleet, ready to work in days. On-site deployment in hours. Issues will be resolved in 1 shift or less.

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    Rapid Service

    Task design, programming & integration included. Lifetime, 24/7 support with zero-cost maintenance & repair.

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    Rapid Savings

    Guaranteed results & flexible pricing eliminate risk. Lower labor & injury rates, and reduce per unit costs instantly.

A Yaskawa industrial arm on the Rapid modular base, holding an electronics component on a suction gripper

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