Introducing the Rapid Machine Operator

All the hardware, software and support you need to automate machine tasks for only $25K/year.


Meet the Rapid Machine Operator

At the core of our robotic automation system is the Rapid Machine Operator (RMO): a 6 axis robot pre-loaded with industrial robotic programming to execute common tasks.


Pre-trained robot arm

RMOs are pre-trained and proven to work on dozens of machine tasks to the highest quality standards. Deploy and redeploy within hours.


All-inclusive end-of-arm-tooling

Every 6 axis robot arrives ready-to-work with all necessary parts and hardware, including robot fixtures and grippers.


Highly mobile

Self-contained cobots move between tasks as easily as a human, ideal for high mix facilities where uptime is at a premium.

Under the hood of our low cost cobots

Rapid Machine Operators are fully integrated with no-code cobot software for setting up, controlling, and updating your fleet.


Simple control interface

Cobot operating system features a touchscreen with drag-and-drop UI to easily configure tasks. Designed for the first-time user in mind, no robot programming training required.


Learns via the cloud

Cloud technology constantly updates RMOs with new capabilities, connects all cobots on the floor for centralized monitoring and syncs tasks across the fleet.


AI and computer vision

Uses built-in AI and CV to create shorter motion paths, quickly set up workspaces and perform consistently across robotic arms in the fleet — ultimately reducing downtime and improving production quality by 15%.

Your full-service partner in robotic automation


Rapid delivers everything you need to successfully launch manufacturing automation on your floor. From our complete turnkey deployment to ongoing customer support, we provide white-glove service every step of the way with never any hidden or extra costs.

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