Deep experience in manufacturing automation

Rapid Robotics has years of manufacturing automation experience. Now, we're turning that experience to developing a new generation of vision-enabled robotics technology to transform the industry.

Case Packing

High throughput case packing of chemicals.

Weighing, Taping, Packing

Weighing, taping, and packing odd shaped boxes into a shipper.

Multi-step Machine Tending

IMM tending, gate removal, laser marking, and air cleaning.

Plasma Cure, Print & Inspection

Multi-step process for medical device production.

Labeling & Filling

Labeling and filling of prescription medicine bottles.

IMM Removal & Gate Clip

IMM tending and gate clipping of automotive parts.

Metal Punching

High speed precision metal punching.

Cleanroom Operation

Air cleaning semiconductor parts.

IMM Tending & Degating

Degating washing machine parts.

Adhesive Dispensing

Precision adhesive application to PCB pins.

Two-Step Hot Stamping

Two-step hot stamping for flying discs.

Case Palletizing

High speed case palletization.

How Behrens Supercharged Production with Rapid Robotics

Behrens has faced its share of challenges in its century-long history, including increasing labor costs, and a shortage of available workers. Here's how they used automation to solve those challenges.

Manufacturing success stories

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