Use Cases

Compete and thrive with Rapid’s robotic automation



Rapid Machine Operators instantly scale the business

By automating the simple, repetitive tasks that dominate production, manufacturers can free their human machine operators to focus on more complex, profitable work. Rapid customers save an average of $110K per year for each robotic machine operator deployed, and re-capture millions more in revenue.

Outbid rivals — even offshore facilities — through lower operating expenses

Multiply production output

Promote human machine operators to higher-value tasks

Secure more projects with a robust workforce

Automates almost any simple task 

Rapid Machine Operators are pre-trained and proven to perform dozens of simple machine tasks to the highest quality standards, perfect for high-mix environments. They learn new capabilities and can be redeployed within hours.

Pad printing

Injection molding

Heat staking

Heat stamping

Ultrasonic welding

Pick and place

Parts inspection

And many more…

Manufacturing automation for all major sectors



Medical devices & lab equipments


Plastic CMs


High-end electronics


Automotive components


Home electronics


Toys and home goods

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