Human Instincts.
Robotic Performance.

New robotic solutions with ultimate adaptability powered by generative AI and 3D vision technology.

Robotic Solutions for Manufacturing and Supply Chain

6 fully productized and complete solutions that include everything needed, from the right robotic arms for your jobs, to work cell configuration and safety systems specific to the use case.

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    Instantly adaptable box and tote packing even for high-mix operations

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    Palletizing and depalletizing enhanced with vision for flexibility

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    Configurations for warehouse kitting and e-commerce fulfillment

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    Machine tending robots without additional fixturing requirements

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    Pick from an unstructured bin, moving conveyor and more

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    Sorting with inspection for quality control and recycling


Groundbreaking robotic intelligence powered by generative AI and 3D vision

  • Onboard tasks in 2 minutes

  • Seamless changeovers

  • Real-time adaptability

  • Precision performance

  • 80% less hardware

  • ROI in less than 1 year

Watch Rapid iD Object Training in Action

In under 2 minutes using only text and a single image, the Rapid iD Engine can onboard new objects for production.

Object Training with Rapid iD vs. Legacy Machine Learning

Legacy Machine Learning Solutions
Train on one or two images
Onboard Object with Text
New SKU Onboard time
weeks or months
Immediate Feasibility Check
Training Data On-Prem
Train all SKU variations automatically
Instant Detection for hundreds of “like” SKUs
Automatic Adapt to Line Changes
Automatic task switching
ROI Positive in less than a year

Replace Expensive Hardware with Standardized Solutions and Adaptable AI

Standardized work cells engineered for a minimal footprint and reliable performance are optimized for modern operations.

  • Improved Reliability and Cost

    Standardized equipment reduces complexity and risk of malfunction.

  • Increased Flexibility

    Modular work cells configured for essential applications and minimal footprint.

  • Optimized Experience

    Intuitive operating system and advanced software system remove complexity.

  • Specialized Hardware

    Modular, task-specific hardware solutions are configured to fit on your floor and achieve your performance goals.

  • Rapid ID Software

    Rapid ID brings a never-before-seen element of human-like instinct brought to a robotic workcell. Robots are trained on billions of objects and millions of objects.

  • 24/7 Ongoing Support & Optimization

    The Rapid Robotics team becomes an extension of your team for the life of your deployment.

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We’ve deployed hundreds of robots across every sector and use case

Rapid Robotics has years of manufacturing automation experience. Now, we're turning that experience to developing a new generation of vision-enabled robotics technology to transform the industry.

  • Case Packing

    High throughput case packing of chemicals.

  • Weighing, Taping, Packing

    Weighing, taping, and packing odd shaped boxes into a shipper.

  • Multi-step Machine Tending

    IMM tending, gate removal, laser marking, and air cleaning.

Flexible Pricing to Guarantee ROI

The costs of traditional robotic deployments are driven by hardware complexity and one-off designs. Rapid solutions are standardized and the software handles the complexity of modern operations to keep costs low. Actual prices vary by solution but all Rapid solutions are available with a RaaS (Robotics as a Service) or CapEx business model to meet your financial goals.

  • RaaS Pricing

    RaaS pricing will minimize upfront costs and guarantee predictable annual operating costs with no-cost service and support for the life of your deployment.

    • YEAR 1 Setup Fee plus

      Annual Subscription

    • Complete hardware solution with the best robots for your task

    • Always-on Rapid-iD Software updates and optimization

    • 24/7 Service and Support with no cost maintenance and repairs

    • Flexible billing: monthly, quarterly, or annually

  • CapEx Pricing

    With CapEx pricing you can depreciate your hardware and annual subscription fees are lower. Service and support is included but hardware repairs may incur additional costs.

    • Upfront Equipment Purchase

      Lower Annual Subscription Fee

    • Complete hardware solution with the best robots for your task

    • Always-on Rapid-iD Software updates and optimization

    • 24/7 Service and Support. Hardware repair costs will be incremental.

    • Flexible billing: monthly, quarterly, or annually

We are backed by leading global investors

  • Tiger global
  • Kleiner perkins
  • Nea
  • Greycroft
  • Bee partners
  • 468 capital
  • Draft ventures

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