Human instincts.
Robotic performance.

Robotic solutions for the supply chain
powered by generative AI and 3D vision innovation.

Real solutions driving real results

Rapid iD generative AI and 3D vision empower complete robotic solutions with unmatched agility and reliability for end of line operations and 3rd party logistics.

Intelligent software

Rapid iD software is designed to revolutionize automation with its unparalleled learning capabilities. It intuitively adapts to your specific needs, mimicking human-like instincts to optimize performance continuously. Using generative AI and 3D vision, Rapid iD instantly identifies new objects as it teaches itself how to accurately execute any pick-and-place task in less than two minutes.

Compact and reliable hardware

Our robotics solutions are engineered with precision, offering a compact and robust design that significantly reduces the machine footprint by up to 80%. This space-saving innovation not only enhances your workspace but also ensures reliable and consistent performance, making it a perfect fit for any operational environment.

24/7 service and support

Consider us an integral part of your team. Every deployment of our Rapid Robotics solutions comes with dedicated 24/7 service and support. Our experts are always available to ensure your operations run smoothly, addressing any issues promptly and providing ongoing assistance to maximize your productivity and success.


Tech-to-tasks for complete solutions you can count on

Rapid iD technology gets applied to robot logic allowing us to automate even those hard to tackle, or multi-mix tasks. New SKUs can be learned in minutes so even high-mix operations are manageable.

  • Picking & packing

  • Kitting

  • Palletizing & depalletizing

  • Decanting

  • Inducting

  • Sorting & labeling

  • More ...

Learn more about Rapid iD Solutions

Are you a manufacturer or logistics provider searching for robotic solutions to handle high throughput or operational complexity? Book an intro call with us to be among the first to see what we are launching next. We will answer all of your questions, show you how our newest technology can work for your operations, and even give you guidance on pricing.

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