Solve your labor shortages with the

Solve your labor shortages with the Rapid Machine Operator

  • Turnkey solutions
  • Zero capex
  • 60-Second setup
  • Instant ROI

as low as $6/hr

Rapid Machine Operators are ‘hired’ by subscription, need no integration and take less than a day to deploy.

  • No system integrators

  • No programming

  • No capital expenditure

  • No hidden costs

  • Picker

  • Picker

  • Picker

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Pre-Trained & Ready to Roll

Zero CapEx. Zero Risk. Automate any manufacturing task in a matter of weeks.

Robotics without the hassle

Rapid takes care of the robots so you don't have to. We handle everything from installation to updates, support and maintenance.

  • personalized-service--every-step-of-the-way.svg

    Personalized service every step of the way

  • 24:7-maintenance-and-support-included-at-no-cost.svg

    24/7 maintenance and support included at no cost

  • free-ai-updates-that--teach-rmos-new-tasks.svg

    Free AI updates that teach RMOs new tasks

  • full_benefits.svg

    Local support teams

The Rapid Machine Operator is ROI-positive on Day One and delivers profit year after year

Rapid machine operator
Cost $25 000
Traditional automation
Cost $128 570
Human labor
Savings over 1 year 10 years $
0 0 $50k $500k $100k $1m $150k $1,5m $200k $2m
Cost $200 000

Total cost of 1 task over 3 shifts - 1 year - 10 years

What our customers say about us

The beauty I see with Rapid is that it's so quick and easy. It's turnkey. They think through a lot of the questions you might not have thought of, come up with the solutions, and it's done.
Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy

VP of Manufacturing & Logistics, Topcon Positioning Systems

The difference between Rapid and system integrators is night and day. Rapid is there when you need them. You can deploy Rapid Machine Operators extremely fast, and the support is phenomenal. We don’t have a ton of engineering resources. We don’t have any robotics engineers or software engineers. For us, the Rapid Machine Operator was an easy, quick and incredibly rewarding entry into the world of robotics.
James Garner

James Garner

Director of Manufacturing, TouchMark

Rapid Machine Operators are easy to set up and integrate seamlessly with our staff.
Matthew Alley

Matthew Alley

Head of Fulfillment and Supply Chain, Truepill

If you don’t have a massive engineering staff and you want to start saving immediately, this is the robot for you.
Philip Haseltine

Philip Haseltine

VP Manufacturing Operations, Delphon

We looked at automating machine operator tasks before, but as a custom injection molder, the costs were prohibitive. Rapid’s solution was the first we’d seen that just worked, at a price that made sense for our business. We were pleased with how responsive the Rapid team is and were quickly able to start seeing value.
Tammy Barras

Tammy Barras

President, Westec Plastics Corporation

Help us transform manufacturing one machine at a time. Come work with Rapid Robotics

Frequently asked questions

What does my subscription include?

Everything. The subscription covers the hardware (the work cell with robotic arm), the computer vision, the software and AI, the tablet-based control app and grippers for common tasks. On top of that, setup, maintenance and free updates. It’s all included.

Why is the RMO so much more affordable than other cobots?

First, we eliminated the need for systems integration. With traditional cobots, integration usually costs more than the hardware. The RMO comes pretrained and preintegrated, so integration costs aren’t a factor. We also offer the RMO by subscription, which avoids the need for capital expenditure.

Why doesn’t the RMO need systems integration?

Because it’s purpose-built for the job. Traditional cobots need systems integrators to set them up for each task (also to move between tasks). This adds significant cost to every implementation.

The RMO is specifically designed to operate industrial machines. It comes with software, computer vision, a robotic arm and housing, all preintegrated and ready to perform the most common machine-operating tasks. This allows us to get an RMO up and running in hours, compared to the weeks or months other cobots need. It also allows the RMO to move between jobs in seconds. When other solutions would still be on the drawing board, the RMO is working away, helping you execute jobs and win new business.

Rapid Machine Operator

Ramp up your business and rev up production with the Rapid Machine Operator

  • Outbid competitors

  • Scale your operations

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