End-of-line accelerated

  • Works for under $4k/month

  • Deploys in 1 shift

  • Lifetime 24/7 support

  • Flexible pricing

A red industrial arm on a black, modular robot base, holding a cardboard box with a suction gripper.

How Rapid helps you win

We're innovating end-of-line automation to supercharge manufacturing and logistics

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    Rapid Speed

    An entire robotic fleet, ready to work in days. On-site deployment in hours. Issues will be resolved in 1 shift or less.

  • 24:7-maintenance-and-support-included-at-no-cost.svg

    Rapid Service

    Task design, programming & integration included. Lifetime, 24/7 support with zero-cost maintenance & repair.

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    Rapid Savings

    Guaranteed results & flexible pricing eliminate risk. Lower labor & injury rates, and reduce per unit costs instantly.

Instant results

Robotic palletizing is one of the fastest ways to optimize manufacturing operations.

Improve operational efficiency

Get more out of your staff, and speed up your entire operation by as much as 30%

Reduce product damage

More consistent & stable stacking reduces damage during shipping by more than 20%

Save on storage & transportation

More efficient pallet loading can reduce costs by up to 30%

Protect worker safety

Studies show that automating palletizing can reduce injury rates by as much as 70%

How it works

  • Design collaboration

    Step 1

    Design collaboration

    We collect critical information from you, including required throughput, case size and weight, and photos & video of your existing workspace.

  • Programming & deployment

    Step 2

    Programming & deployment

    We test and validate your application in a few days. Then our engineering team arrives on site with all hardware, and gets your new robotic palletizer installed and working in about 1 shift.

  • 24/7 support

    Step 3

    24/7 support

    Every robot we deploy is monitored remotely. We resolve 99% of issues without coming on site. If a site visit is required we'll get your robot will be back at work in 1 day or less.

Robotics without the risk

Flexible pricing that works for your needs. A modular solution that deploys in days. A partner that handles all programming, installation, and maintenance for the lifetime of the deployment. What are you waiting for?

What our customers say about us

The beauty I see with Rapid is that it's so quick and easy. It's turnkey. They think through a lot of the questions you might not have thought of, come up with the solutions, and it's done.
Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy

VP of Manufacturing & Logistics, Topcon Positioning Systems

The difference between Rapid and system integrators is night and day. Rapid is there when you need them. You can deploy Rapid Machine Operators extremely fast, and the support is phenomenal. We don’t have a ton of engineering resources. We don’t have any robotics engineers or software engineers. For us, the Rapid Machine Operator was an easy, quick and incredibly rewarding entry into the world of robotics.
James Garner

James Garner

Director of Manufacturing, TouchMark

Rapid Machine Operators are easy to set up and integrate seamlessly with our staff.
Matthew Alley

Matthew Alley

Head of Fulfillment and Supply Chain, Truepill

If you don’t have a massive engineering staff and you want to start saving immediately, this is the robot for you.
Philip Haseltine

Philip Haseltine

VP Manufacturing Operations, Delphon

We looked at automating machine operator tasks before, but as a custom injection molder, the costs were prohibitive. Rapid’s solution was the first we’d seen that just worked, at a price that made sense for our business. We were pleased with how responsive the Rapid team is and were quickly able to start seeing value.
Tammy Barras

Tammy Barras

President, Westec Plastics Corporation

We’ve seen units per labor hour go up significantly, all which translates to a major impact on our bottom line.
Bill Bellingham

Bill Bellingham

VP of Manufacturing, Behrens Manufacturing

A Yaskawa industrial arm on the Rapid modular base, holding an electronics component on a suction gripper

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