Ready-to-work Robotic Machine Operators for only $2100/month

Rapid Robotics automates common machine operator tasks to help manufacturers solve labor shortages, scale their business and outbid competitors.

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Simple robotic automation for

We are pioneers of affordable, out-of-the-box robotics automation anyone can use: no systems integrators, no programming, no extra-hardware, no robotic skills required. Deploy our pre-trained industrial robotic arm fast (hours/days vs months) – for simple repeatable tasks and see immediate ROI on day one.


Rent a full robotics system for $25K/year. Save 75% on direct and indirect labor costs.


Pre-trained cobot learns new tasks in hours. No robotics training, no problem.


All necessary hardware and end-of-arm tooling included at no extra price.

See how much you can save by automating even a single task

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Automates almost any simple task



Rapid customers save an average of $110K per year for each robotic machine operator deployed, and re-capture millions more in revenue.

Pad printing

Ultrasonic welding

Injection molding

Heat stamping

Heat staking

Pick and place

Parts inspection

and more

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