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Rapid Robotics has worked with customers across a variety of industries and programmed hundreds of work cells. Whatever you need, from piece-picking to packing, to palletizing, to kitting, Rapid has the experience and expertise to make you successful.

  • Piece-picking and packing

    Configurable solutions for box and tote packing with instant SKU adaptability

    • SKU onboarding in minutes with advanced AI technology that learns and adapts.

    • Vision-based item recognition supports any kind of object - from rigid CPG to soft toys to flexible polybags.

    • Maximize throughput with multi-arm robotic packing.

    • Flexible input and output, integrates with existing conveyor systems.

    • Overhead gantry minimizes footprint.

  • Palletizing & depalletizing

    Palletizing and depalletizing enhanced with vision for flexibility and performance

    • Flexible induction - conveyor, AMR, and tray.

    • Configurable design for continuous runs, slip sheet handling & custom grippers.

    • Vision-based, reliable stacking, even when boxes have shifted.

    • Camera validation of pallet completion.

  • Dynamic Kitting

    A scalable, adaptable and ROI-positive kitting solution

    • Unique inverted design services both sides of conveyor, virtually eliminating changeover delays.

    • Vision-based accuracy supports running different patterns at the same time.

    • Multi-kit capability handles wide variety of items, weights and sizes.

    • Onboard new items in minutes.

    • Installs over existing conveyor systems.

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