Revolutionizing robotics
with generative AI and 3D vision

Introducing Rapid iD, groundbreaking robotic intelligence


Why Generative AI and 3D Vision?

It’s all about speed, accuracy, and agility to keep pace with the complexity of your operations, today and tomorrow.

Say goodbye to lengthy deployments and solutions that can’t adapt or scale. That only leads to robotic investments that end up in a storage room. Rapid iD uses Generative AI and 3D Vision to instantly identify new objects. It teaches itself how to accurately execute any pick-and-place task, from any source to any output, in less than two minutes.

  • Onboarding New Objects

    In under 2 minutes with a quick 3D image capture, the Rapid iD Engine learns new objects and seamlessly adapts in real time.

  • Grasping Optimization

    Our generative AI approach is activated with each pick to be sure your robot is using the right model for the product it is picking.

  • Precision Placing

    With advanced vision, you can also accurately place objects and provide a feedback loop to your system to further enhance its performance.

  • Just Press "Start"

    Easy-to-use interface requires no previous robotics expertise. Rapid takes care of all the programming.

Skeptical? The results speak for themselves.

Machine learning and 3D vision advancements have come a long way in just the past 18 months. When combined with optimized hardware, the results are powerful. Speed, accuracy, and agility. That's what you get with Rapid iD.

Object training in overdrive

Legacy Machine Learning Solutions
Train on one or two images
Onboard objects with text
New SKU onboard time
weeks or months
Immediate feasibility check
Training data on-prem
Train all SKU variations automatically
Instant detection for hundreds of “like” SKUs
Automatically adapt to line changes
Automatic task switching
ROI positive in less than a year
See the robots in action

Reach out to learn more

Are you a manufacturer or logistics provider searching for robotic solutions to handle high throughput or operational complexity? Book an intro call with us to be among the first to see what we are launching next. We will answer all of your questions, show you how our newest technology can work for your operations, and even give you guidance on pricing.

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